what is the string garden?

The String Garden, founded by Eva Walsh, is an affordable and personal string section recording service, convenient wherever there is an internet connection. Grown from a lifetime of experience as a string player, a passion for songwriting and the natural ability to support musicians and composers, The String Garden allows any musician to add a professional fiddler, string quartet, or string section to their musical project.

Why Use The String Garden?

String instruments are a crucial element for recording projects across all genres. Whether it's a lush, nostalgic background string section, an outside-the-box solo, a tag melody interlude to return throughout a song, or an intricately arranged string quartet, string instruments can help a song reach its highest potential. Big time record labels employ unionized teams of string players to come in and sightread music for an afternoon. There is nothing wrong with that approach, but what about the rest of us without record labels and big pockets? For most people approaching a recording project, there are limited resources and it's pretty unlikely that someone would happen to have a dynamite string section on speed dial. (If you do, that's amazing!)

This is where I can help. I am your violinist, violist, cellist, string arranger, fiddle player and recording engineer all rolled into one. I can create the same textures as you might get with large groups of string players by overdubbing each instrument, one at a time, at a fraction of the fee. As a fellow songwriter and as someone who has gone through the recording process for my own project, I intimately know the process and can use that knowledge to work with you to keep your project moving forward as seamlessly as possible.

How does the process work?

My process at The String Garden allows for us to collaborate from anywhere in the world, without sacrificing communication, quality, or time. In fact, this often helps streamline a project from the client's perspective because they don't have to sit through take after take of a violin part or string quartet. Instead, they are presented with the fruits of the recording session without having to sit through the rest!
The general process is as follows:
  1. We discuss the project in detail. How many songs? What do you have in mind for each song?
  2. You provide demos of the songs, or, preferably what you have already recorded for the project, which I will then study. At this stage, I would discuss with you more specifically the role of the strings, the vibe and the style which you desire. Sometimes I have clients tell me to do what I think is best, other times they have very specific ideas.
  3. After we have communicated suitably regarding the direction of the project and the songs specifically, I begin the recording process. I incorporate your ideas and our discussions into high quality recorded string tracks, which I then send back to you for listening. This equates to doing a string session in the studio together, but instead of needing to filter through take after take yourself, I only provide you with the best version. I call this the first draft.
  4. At this point, we would discuss the tracks. These are not set in stone, so if you want to go a different direction, or hear a melody line go somewhere other than where I played it, I can go back and incorporate these into the second draft. After providing you with the tracks with the changes we discussed, we would again have you listen and provide feedback. This process can repeat until you are satisfied with the work. 
  5. When we have completed the recording process, I provide you with the high quality files you need to mix each and every line of strings as you see fit. These are raw tracks, recorded in a special studio space designed to best capture the sound of my instruments. How you mix them, use them, apply effects, etc. is up to you.